I designed and created the user interface for each playable character as well as the in-game HUD and front-end UI. I also developed all the spell and environment special effects. I created animated story screens based off the environment concept art using After Effects and Particle Illusion as well.
Footage from in-game showcasing my contributions including UI, Special Effects and animations.
Being responsible for both effects and UI gave me the opportunity to be very hands-on with a consistent visual design and color palette for both.
Each player character had a set of unique special abilities. I defined color palettes and created the particle effects for each ability. I created icons and colored grayscale icons for each character.
Several sections were created within the menu UI for each character. I created the art and layout for each screen.
I designed and created unique UI skins for each player character which was consistent with their associated color palettes and special abilities. A sixth character "The Fury" was created but later cut.
I created hundreds of icons for the inventory UI. I used 3d assets as a starting point when available while others were from my own design made from scratch.
UI sketches for each playable race.
Dozens of iterations went into developing the HUD widgets.
Worked with concept artist to develop a large format poster for the PSP title.
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