Free Realms


Guided walkthrough for G4TV by me
My responsibilities varied on Free Realms as the Associate Art Director including User Interface, Special FX and Environment Art production. Pre-production work contributed to guides which directed visuals during production and post-production.
Worked with development team and marketing department to create a cohesive brand across all media representing the Free Realms IP.
GDC Austin 2009 presentation
Free Realms - Launch portal and home page 
User Interface - HUD
User Interface - HUD
Inventory front-end
Special Abilities UI
Job front-end
Front-end color swatches and palette range
Various brand and UI elements
Persistent imagery throughout various media
Original icon sketches which lead to defining visual style and production for all other icons.
A few of the hundreds icons created prior to launch
Job badges with examples of progression. Each job has specific silhouettes but all used the same materials according to level.
Created icon style guide for internal and external development.
Example of feedback conveyed to external development
Worked with several artists to concept, create 3D assets and compose 2D mini-game as prototype for all future 2D mini-games.
Before and after art feedback for a match 3 mini-game.
Helped define color palettes for environments
Color adjustments to concepts
Tinting methods developed to match character create with in-game art.
Prototypes for physical Free Realms Trading Card Game.
Mockup for mini-game UI
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