EverQuest Next / Landmark

Loadscreen with floating "Rohsong" for EverQuest Next
Developed block shapes and prototyped Freeport first in 3rd party engine, then built in-game with the Art Director. Finally built Halas with a larger group as the project grew.
"Blockumentation" for the building block designs I helped create for EQ Next / Landmark.
Early prototype in SketchUp before game engine was available.
While we built Freeport with the in-game editor, I took advantage of the subterranean space to build an interconnected sewer system.
Used the insight gained from Freeport prototype to build more advanced templates and techniques to save time building a whole city with blocks.
Modular sewer system for Halas.
Introduction of new materials such as straw made roof shapes a little more organic.
Used Qubical to prototype ways for players to develop their own content for weapons and props.
Concepts for Rohsong, a sentient book / in-game companion / mascott.
Developed art style for in-game tool icons.
Created Photoshop actions to quickly generate material "chips" for the UI.
Process creating first icon for the game, an "Alpha" boost potion in a bottle.
Recreated the bottom in real life.
Developed a style for the special abilities icons.
Once the art style was defined, I developed a process and style guide for outsourcing.
Provided notes to our outsourcing partner at every phase.
The main focus was readability since the icons are small most of the time.
Used Photoshop Actions to create hundreds of combinations of materials in various bundles for the marketplace.
Designed visuals for the in-game building tools.
Style exploration for UI skin. The UI started to go in "flat" direction following industry trend.
A lot of collaboration between Art, Design and Code to develop a UI design language for the in-game editing tools.
Inventory UI with icons.
Color palette options for players to vote for Dark Elves.
Created layouts for Art Style guide for each player race. Created printed versions as prize items for SOE Live.
Created conference room wall art, integrated the design with the room including the closet door.
Created template for the internal EQ Next / Landmark Wiki.
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